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Developing an Employee Recruitment Plan

Why is a recruitment plan important?

Before you struggle with your recruiting efforts and scratch your head wondering why you aren't able to find the candidates that you're looking for, sit down and come up with a recruiting plan. With the right recruiting strategies and steps in place, you can exponentially increase the quality of your results. You can use our Edo SUBEB Teacher Recruitment plan sample above to help you get started.
How to Develop a Recruitment Strategy:
Recruiting a new employee can be time-consuming and costly, particularly if you don't know what you're looking for. You will be consistent with your recruiting efforts and guide your resources to a set of tactics that will help you find the kind of people you want to employ if you have a fixed plan in place.

1. Determine which positions need filling.

1,1 Determine if there is a void in the workforce.

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You can't recruit new workers until you know what role they'll be filling.If a void in your company's workforce has been found as a result of someone else's resignation or the growth and evolution of your company, that gap must be filled by someone prepared to meet the demands of that specific position.
2. Create a recruiting plan.
2.2 Make a decision on how the job(s) will be filled.

Make a decision on how the job(s) will be filled.

Knowing which positions are open is just the beginning. How are you going to satisfy the company's needs? When making a plan, you'll need to ask yourself some important questions, such as:

Will you recruit more than one person? Can you hire anyone part-time or full-time? Is there going to be a trial period? Can you recruit in the coming week or in the coming month?

Calculate the number of people you'll need to employ.

Calculate the number of candidates you'll need to employ.These and other questions will help you figure out how many employees you'll need in each department and when you'll need to recruit them. After that, you should build a recruitment calendar for the coming year.

Looking for a recruitment website?
Check out the following; https://recruitmentweb.org.ng/
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